Kristina Regina – May 27, 2007

Nationaliteit FINLAND
Lengte 100 m
Breedte 016 m
Aankomstdatum 27-05-2007 Aankomsttijd 08:45 uur
Vertrekdatum 27-05-2007 Vertrektijd 17:05 uur
Laadvermogen 000870 ton
Cruisemaatschappij: Kristina Cruises
Lengte: 100 meter
Decks: 6
Passagiers: 370
Vlag: Finland

The m/s Kristina Regina is a traditional passenger ship. The vessel, originally a steam ship, was built in Oskarshamn in 1960 and the genuine atmosphere is still there.

Since Kristina Cruises Ltd. purchased the ship in 1987, several major renovations have been made covering the whole vessel from the engine room to the bridge.

The latest renovation of the m/s Kristina Regina was carried out in spring 2001, when all cabins and public space were refurbished to meet the requirements of new cruise itineraries. A health centre and a laundry were built and a new on-board computer system was installed. Cruise passengers can best notice this last change from their electronic boarding cards, which can also be used as credit cards on the ship. The panorama café, being a popular meeting place for passengers, has become the living-room of the ship. The m/s Kristina Regina is looked after with utmost reverence and the genuine atmosphere of this unique ship is carefully maintained.

The m/s Kristina Regina sails under the Finnish flag with all-Finnish crew and meets all the safety requirements set by the Marine Authorities.