Entrance to Bobbejaanland

Bobbejaanland is a themepark in Belgium, near the border with the Netherlands. It’s got rides for the entire family, kid’s stuff, water rides, rollercoasters and more.

Me and some friends went to Bobbejaanland on july 30, 2001. Be sure to read the tripreport here.

You can find the official Bobbejaanland website here.



The rides in Bobbejaanland:

Looping Star

Looping Star

The oldest coaster in Bobbejaanland. Dating back to 1979 and still operating. There are several coasters with the exact same layout still operating in other themeparks.Type: Steel rollercoaster
Manufacturer: Schwarzkopf
Year of build: 1979


Bob Express

Bob Express

The newest coaster in Bobbejaandland. Opened in 2000. This is one for the entire family.Type: powered (no lift hill or launch) family coaster
Manufacturer: Mack GmBH & Co
Year of build: 2000


Bob Express